The colder weather is here, and if you’re like most drivers across North Dakota, then you’re likely preparing for the upcoming snowfall. Freezing temperatures, inclement weather, and a variety of other factors play a big role in traffic this far north, and if your vehicle’s windshield does not look like it’s up to the challenge, we recommend being proactive before things get worse.

Alpine Auto Glass is here to serve as your windshield and replacement pros in Williston, delivering a full range of professional services that help to make the commute better. From clear bras to windshield chip repairs, residential, commercial, and automotive window tints, and more, we’re here and ready to provide the support needed to see the road with clarity.

Today, we’ll highlight five tips that may prove helpful in keeping your auto glass in good condition throughout the winter season. Keep reading to learn more, and be sure to schedule your free consultation with our auto glass shop to find the most effective solutions!

1 – Keep Your Windshield Clean

First and foremost, it can prove beneficial to keep your auto glass clean throughout the winter season. We all are guilty of letting the dirt, dust, and mag chloride of the season build up on our windows, but keep in mind that this inaction can take its toll on the windshield wipers. Dirt and debris will make it harder to keep your windshield clean, sabotaging your wipers’ ability to whisk away grime and ice buildup.

If you notice a lot of dirt building up on your windshield, then it is recommended to clean it right away. These textures can become hard to remove, and may scratch or scuff your glass surface when the wipers are deployed.

2 – Defrost Your Windshield Gradually

Your windshield is rated to withstand a variety of impacts, but keep in mind that sudden temperature fluctuations can result in unexpected brittleness. Freezing conditions can lead to considerable ice buildup, which can prove frustrating for any commuters pressed for time. If you’re trying to speed things along, we recommend avoiding the use of boiling water. This intense change in temperature will help to remove the ice, but may also cause serious issues in the glass. Water at room temperature will still melt the ice, but avoid the rapid expansion of molecules within the windshield once heated.

If you have cracks or chips in your car’s windshield, we recommend exercising extreme caution. Actions as simple as putting the defrost on full blast may be enough to cause problems, so be sure to plan accordingly to prevent worsening any present damages!

3 – Trust Your Ice Scraper

While water from the hose or from the tap can help to defrost that rigid windshield, it is recommended to avoid the use of H2O. A simple ice scraper can help to clear away any tough ice problems without negatively impacting the glass itself. Windshield washer fluids are also available to de-ice the windshield and get you on the road with confidence. Try to avoid any solutions containing alcohol or vinegar, as they can come into contact with paint finish and eat away at the protective layer.

If you do decide to rely on de-icing fluids, then be sure to get your defrost up to temperature to make life easier!

4 – Get a Professional Inspection

A quick, effective (often free!) inspection from an auto glass replacement professional can help you determine if your auto glass is ready for the North Dakota winters. Your car glass repair company can look for any signs of trouble, including pits, chips, cracks, or any issues involving the installation. If any issues are found, you can seek out repairs proactively to save money and stress once the snow arrives!

5 – Schedule Auto Glass Repairs

The winter weather can be very unforgiving, which is why it is recommended to seek out any needed car window repairs before you brave the ice and snow. Damaged auto glass will be much weaker than the rest of your vehicle, providing the perfect opportunity for chips or cracks to worsen. Vehicles driving with a broken windshield are at even more risk, as this glass provides a lot of structural support in the event of a rollover.

It can help to reach out to your insurance company first to see if your coverage can make the cost of a windshield replacement cheaper. We recommend finding a local auto glass shop with the ability to provide fast, professional, and affordable results!

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