looking out of the car to see mountains.

Ensuring your auto glass is in the best condition is a must, especially in summer and winter. Temperature changes could worsen minor cracks and chips. Professionals can help you deal with car glass repair in less than an hour. Sometimes, the windshield replacement is necessary and should be done right away for these reasons. 


Broken Windshields Distract Drivers


When there’s a large chip or crack in front of you, it’s easy to get distracted. Lack of road clarity could cause severe injuries and many potential risks for you and other people on the road. Replacing your windshield and making sure it’s clean allows you to avoid accidents and drive safer.


Impairs Airbag Deployment


Windshields support the frame of your vehicles when accidents happen since the top of your car happens to be a weak point. Damaged windshields can’t support the vehicle’s weight, which could cause severe concerns in rollover accidents. Without sufficient support, airbags may not properly deploy when a crash happens. 


Window Shards Puts You at Greater Risk


Large cracks on your windshield affect the structural integrity of your car and make it vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. Putting off much-needed car window repair could also put you and your passengers at risk even when minor accidents, shards of flying glass can cause injuries. 


Unsafe Vehicles Break the Federal Law


Driving down the road with a windshield requiring replacement could increase your chances of getting pulled over and receiving a ticket or fine. While North Dakota doesn’t have an ordinance against broken windshields, the federal law still applies. Not only would you have to pay the fine, but you also have to spend money on auto glass replacement. 


When it’s time for windshield replacement, it’s always better to bring your car to a trusted auto glass shop. Professionals can help you find the most affordable way to repair your vehicle. In Williston, book a free consultation with Alpine Auto Glass to know your repair and replacement options.