Dirty Truck

Often, trucks rack up more miles than smaller cars, and they work harder. To improve the useful life of these vehicles and boost the resale value, adding accessories could be just the thing you need. You can ask a local shop in Williston like Alpine Auto Glass for tips on the top-rated truck accessories. But here are some suggestions on the most functional upgrades.


Running Boards


The distance between the cab and the ground can be a long stretch if you have a large pickup. Running boards make it easier for you to access the cab with a running board. Running boards come in different materials and designs. Go for running boards attached to the frame rather than one attached underneath the body because they tend to be sturdier. 


You can also install electric-powered running boards that extend when you open the door and retract when entries close, but these can cost you more. 




All-weather mats help you keep the carpet of your cab clean when you end up going to. Muddy field or a construction site. When choosing a rug, find one that is locked down on the driver’s side. When mats move out of place while you’re driving, they can interfere with the accelerator or your brake pedal.  


Tie Downs


 Having a truck is convenient for carrying large items, and when you do, you want to make sure that your cargo stays put. There are built-in tie-downs, but you may need more to secure your load. Aluminum tie-downs are often the best choice, and use spider-web bungee cords or ratchet straps with these tie-downs to secure objects to the bed. 


Tonneau Covers


Adding a cover on top of the truck bed protects your vehicle from the elements. Covers act as watertight shields so you can protect tools and other items you’re storing in the truck bed. 


Foldable aluminum covers are more secure, but they can be inconvenient if they’re difficult to remove when you’re loading or unloading your cargo. There are also roll-away versions connected to your truck’s electrical system but are more expensive.  


When it comes to truck accessories, you need to prioritize. Invest in items you need to make the most out of your investment. When necessary, ask professionals for help in installing accessories for your vehicle. 


In Williston, Alpine Auto Glass can assist with car glass repair, auto glass replacement, and installing accessories to improve truck utility.