Drivers who log a lot of windshield time are used to dealing with minor cracks and chips along their auto glass. This occurrence may not seem like a big concern, but keep in mind that small damages can grow into major headaches if not addressed. Not only can these issues prove costly, but they can also impact the safety of your vehicle.

Alpine Auto Glass in Williston has compiled our top five reasons why you should call for windshield repair or replacement services. Our company relies on the best materials and training to provide ideal results for every driver across North Dakota and eastern Montana. We’ll work hard to provide you with Top Rated Local® glass repair and tinting services.

Keep reading to learn why you should consider windshield repairs now as opposed to later on, and be sure to schedule a consultation with us to get started on your auto glass needs!

1 – Clear Vision is Essential

You wouldn’t want to operate your vehicle without your glasses or corrective lenses, so why would you want to deal with compromised vision every time you operate your vehicle? Windshield repairs are an ideal way to seal up and beautify any existing damage in the driver’s line of vision. This proactive move also prevents minor chips and cracks from worsening (more below). North Dakota is home to a lot of space and not a lot of light, making it essential for drivers to be able to see clearly on the highway or on the trail. A clear windshield helps to make it easier to spot any roadside hazards.

2 – Your Vehicle Frame Matters

The top of most cars and trucks is considered the weak point, creating serious safety concerns when motorists are involved in rollover accidents. As such, windshields play a large role in supporting your frame in the event of an accident. Damaged auto glass is not able to perform its role, compromising the vehicle’s safety. Proper roof support also helps to properly deploy the airbags during a crash.

3 – Glass Shards Can Hurt

While most auto glass is tempered to shatter and avoid injury, modern windshields are laminated. This helps to improve safety, but numerous chips or cracks can begin to negate the power of this sealant. Over time, this can weaken to the point that an automobile accident may result in shards of flying glass. A professional can look at your auto glass and determine whether you can benefit from repairs or if a replacement would be the best choice.

4 – Cracks Can Worsen Without Warning

Our neck of the woods is exposed to a wide range of weather throughout the year, placing a lot of pressure on your windshield. Rough potholes and bumps can also place sudden pressure on weakened auto glass, causing small cracks and chips to quickly worsen. Even if you take special care of your windshield, its compromised structure may result in quickly growing problems.

5 – Impaired Windshields are Illegal

Damages to your auto glass are perfectly fine, provided it adheres to federal laws. North Dakota does not specify regulations for windshield damages, but keep in mind that you can still be ticketed if your windshield holds intersecting cracks and damages which obstruct the driver’s view. Legal ramifications are also possible for crackers larger than ¾ of an inch, so be sure to keep an eye on your auto glass!

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