Fall is nearly here, and drivers across North Dakota are preparing for the cold weather to come. There are many things commuters can do in the months leading up to snowfall to prepare their vehicle for winter, including tire changes, wiper replacements, and more. If your windshield, passenger windows, and/or body panels are plagued by chips or cracks, now would be the best time to get them fixed. Alpine Auto Glass is here to serve as your professional source for windshield repairs and replacements in Williston. Our dedicated team relies on modern technology and quality training to provide the very best results for each and every customer we serve. From rock chips to major replacements following an accident, our car glass repair team is here to help.

Auto glass repairs or replacements can provide peace of mind to drivers throughout the colder months. Today, we’ll highlight why you should invest in quality auto glass services before wintertime. If you’re on this page in need of car glass or windshield repairs, be sure to ask for request your free consultation!

Windshields Can Save Lives

Simply put, the integrity of your windshield is essential for driver and passenger safety. Drivers know that windshield chips and cracks can obstruct their field of vision, but many are not aware of the vital role that their front-facing glass plays in the event of a rollover. Unfortunately, rollover fatalities account for more than one-third of deaths on the road, while rollovers themselves occur in 10 percent of accidents. From a structural standpoint, your vehicle’s roof relies on every component to protect its inhabitants, and a windshield can account for up to 30 percent of the support provided to your roof.

Damaged glass can severely compromise the roof’s resistance to cave-ins. Alpine Auto Glass is not here to scare you into seeking out car window repairs; we just want to ensure that our customers are as safe as possible!

Windshield Chips, Cracks, and the Cold Weather

As many drivers, unfortunately, find out during the first freeze, cold weather can have a very negative impact on existing damages. Glass, like most materials, expands and contracts during weather changes. Cold temperatures will cause your windshield to contract, working to be more concave. The stress of this change is absorbed across the surface of your glass, distributing it evenly to avoid issues. Cracks, chips, and other damages can become focal points for shifting molecules, resulting in worsening issues. Most often, drivers notice this when a minor crack suddenly splits and grows, crossing the plane horizontally. Once this happens, auto glass replacement may be your only option!

Instead of putting off your car window repairs, be sure to reach out to our team for assistance. Doing so now will save you money and keep you safe for the road ahead!

Defrosting Your Glass Can Be Bad, Too!

Beyond the stresses placed on your glass by North Dakota’s fast temperature changes, your actions can also worsen the problem. Drivers rely on their defrosters through the icy months, blasting hot air onto the interior of your glass surfaces to thaw their vehicles out. This expansion, in junction with the freezing outside surface, can create added stress and cause a failure. Drivers may be startled at the sound, seeing their windshield crack before their very eyes!

Repairs Are Recommended

In many cases, your windshield’s damages can be remedied with glass repair services. Trained technicians will utilize a long-lasting resin to seal your chips and cracks, forming a new bond that provides excellent protection from changing weather patterns. Remember, though, that car window repairs are limited, and a full replacement may be necessary if you put it off too long!

Proactivity Is Preferred

Drivers often put off windshield chip repairs because the damage is minor. Windshield replacements are also put on the backburner, as the glass is not considered vital for driving. Remember, though, that procrastinating your car window repair can turn a minor problem into an expensive repair.

Alpine Auto Glass is here to provide fast, affordable, long-lasting results for drivers across North Dakota. Our glass experts provide window tints, windshield replacements, and more in Williston to provide complete coverage for all of our happy customers. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to schedule your free consultation!