Driving in the rain

Your windshield can resist splits, scratches, and even UV damage, but over time tiny chips and cracks may appear. These small chips may widen and eventually affect your visibility while driving. Impeded view of the road makes you more prone to accidents, and local law enforcement can fine you for driving an unsafe vehicle. 


Alpine Auto Glass, an auto glass shop in Williston, explains how repairs differ from replacements and how they are much more budget-friendly. 


Cracks Under Six Inches Are Usually Repairable


Small rocks dislodged by larger vehicles or a minor accident could cause chips and cracks on your windshield. When the damage is under six inches, your auto glass replacement company could suggest windshield repair. 


Fixing a crack on your windshield takes as little as 30 minutes. Repair costs are affordable, and some insurance policies cover this expense.


More Serious Issues Require Windshield Replacement


While there are no specific laws in North Dakota regarding windshield cracks and chips, it’s illegal to drive a car when the windshield has a chip wider than ¾ of an inch or when several chips are within three inches of each other. Extensive damage may require windshield replacement instead of repairs. The same goes for cracks that intersect each other or when the crack is on the driver’s side.  


Leave Diagnosis to Experts


For expert advice on car window repair, bring your car to a glass replacement specialist. A professional team can provide practical advice on how to deal with your windshield damage. 


Each car’s situation may differ, and deciding whether to repair or replace depends on the damage sustained by the windshield and the location. Specialists also need to assess the structural integrity of the windscreen before suggesting repairs. 


Avoid driving with a broken windshield and if accidents do happen, bring in your car for immediate repairs. If you need assistance for windshield replacement in Williston, North Dakota, schedule a free consultation with Alpine Auto Glass to know what your vehicle needs to be back in top shape.