We’ve all had it happen before — you’re driving down the road, and BANG! A loud popping sound emanates from your windshield. You arrive to your destination and check, only to find a small put, crack, or gouge from an impact with roadside debris. This unfortunate scenario happens regularly, and there is rarely anything that can be done to avoid the outcome. Many drivers decide to put off windshield repairs, but are not sure how to maximize the lifespan of their current auto glass. If you’re not sure how to proceed, Alpine Auto Glass of Williston is here to help!

Our car glass repair and replacement specialists are here to deliver precise outcomes that allow you to hit the road with clarity and confidence. We’ll provide honest advice on how to treat your windshield damage, and our team will also provide honest and professional services to ensure you leave our shop happy. If you’re ready for your free consultation, be sure to fill out the form to get started!

Measure the Damage

Once you have sustained damage, the first thing to do will be to see how bad it is. If it is a crack that is less than 12 inches long or a chip that is smaller than a quarter in size, your windshield’s integrity should be intact. It is also important to find the location of the crack, as any cracks that connect along the sides or obscure your vision will need to be replaced immediately.

It may prove challenging when you try to determine whether your windshield needs replacement or if it can last for a while longer. Alpine Auto Glass is here to provide free consultation services to drivers in need, so be sure to call us to schedule your services!

Keep Things Clean

Dirt, dust, grime, and other debris can all play a major role in the integrity of your windshield. Small particulates and consistent moisture can both increase the degradation of your glass’ integrity. We recommend keeping dirt and debris out of the affected area while avoiding the use of moisture to keep things clean. Many drivers rely on durable clear tape to help seal out the dust and H2O.

Minimize Unnecessary Sunshine

Windshields are designed to block ultraviolet radiation while allowing visible light to pass through freely, but it’s important to remember that UV damage can still occur. If your windshield is cracked, try to minimize parking it in the sunshine.

As we enter the sunniest part of the year, drivers will find that their hot glass will expand under the heat. If your windshield has a minor crack, this increase in heat can result in further damage. Try parking in a covered area, or if you’re immediately concerned, reach out to our auto glass shop in Williston for a complete assessment!

Introduce Gradual Temperature Changes

Auto glass is very resilient, but minor chips and cracks can result in future problems due to temperamental differences. Defrosting your windshield on a cold spring day, for example, can introduce too much heat to frozen glass. Be sure to thaw your windshield slowly, or conversely, cool it off gradually on hot days. Beyond keeping your windshield damage free of dirt, the act of slowly heating and cooling the glass will provide the best results against cracks spreading or worsening suddenly.

Avoid Rally Racing

Once you have a chip in your auto glass, it’s important to keep caution in mind when driving. Chips and small cracks have the potential to worsen at almost any time, but sudden impacts or regular justling and jarring can place added strain on your large glass surface. Be sure to avoid any potholes you encounter on the road, and slow down for those big speed bumps!

Seek Out Professional Services

One of the best ways to keep your windshield and your passengers safe is to seek out a local auto glass shop for assistance. Alpine Auto Glass of Williston is here to provide professional windshield replacement and repair services, and we’ll work to deliver the most cost-effective outcome for your specific needs.

We specialize in windshield chip repairs, but can also deliver complete auto glass replacement as needed. Alpine Auto Glass also specializes in commercial and automotive window tints as well. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to schedule your appointment!