Summertime is here, which means hot cars and steaming steering wheels for drivers. If you’re planning on utilizing your vehicle in the hottest temperatures of the season, then it’s helpful to take a few steps to ensure your auto glass is in the best condition come fall. Cars and trucks with minor chips or cracks along the windshield are at risk for worsening damage when the temperatures begin to peak. If you are worried about the condition of your auto glass this summer, be sure to follow our five tips below for peace of mind!

If your windshield is in need of replacement, our Williston pros are here to help! Alpine Auto Glass specializes in auto glass repairs and protective films for drivers in North Dakota and Montana, and we’re ready to get to work delivering the most effective and affordable results for your vehicle’s unique needs. Keep reading for our tips, and contact us online if you have any questions!

1 – Seek Shade When Possible

Heat causes materials to expand. When it comes to your auto glass, intense temperatures can create concerns. Keep in mind that your windshield is rated for extreme conditions, and do not panic if you see the temperature begin to rise! However, it is recommended to park in the shade when possible to minimize the risk of damage occurring.

2 – Close Doors Gently

The vibration and pressure introduced by slamming your car doors or trunk closed can increase the chances of increasing the damage already present upon your windshield. Over time, continual slams can actually impact the integrity of your auto glass. If you notice that the temperature is topping out this summer, we recommend treating your vehicle as if it has just received a windshield replacement.

3 – Hot Glass + Cold Water = Bad Times!

While this line isn’t exactly a tip, it can prove to be very true. Many drivers decide to wash their vehicles over the summertime, but bear in mind that rapid temperature changes can dramatically increase the likelihood of aggravating any existing cracks or chips. We recommend parking your vehicle in the shade or your garage until the glass cools down.

4 – Avoid Reflective Sun Shades

While a reflective shade can do much to keep the heat away from the interior of your car, it may only worsen the situation if your windshield is cracked or chipped. Why? The heat reflected from your sun shade will bounce directly into the glass, adding additional heat to the already-scorching temps. If the sunshine is in full force, we recommend weighing the benefits of a cool car with the current state of your auto glass.

5 – Seek Out Professional Windshield Repairs

Hot summer temperatures aren’t a daily occurrence in North Dakota or Montana, but keep in mind that any sudden heat waves may leave you looking at more auto glass damage than before! One of the most important things you can do to protect the clarity and longevity of your car glass is to reach out to your local auto glass shop for professional services.

If you have noticed any small cracks or chips on your windshield, then we recommend seeking out professional help as soon as you can for fast and effective repairs. Hot temperatures can make the chips and cracks along your auto glass much more prone to expansion, possibly resulting in unsafe and costly results.

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