Vehicle on a hill in the mountains

You have almost endless options when it comes to accessories for off-road driving. Investing in accessories you need for off-road driving can go a long way to keeping you safe from potential hazards. Local shops In Williston like Alpine Auto Glass specialize in auto glass replacement and repair, but they can also recommend upgrades to improve your off-road adventures. 


Tire Deflators


When you’re roughing it out, chances are you’ll get yourself in a sticky situation. When that happens, your vehicle could use more traction. You can adjust tire pressure by manually deflating tires, but it could take a long time. An easier choice is to use automatic tire deflators and pre-set to the right psi so your vehicle can navigate through rocky, snowy, or sandy terrain without getting stuck. 


Hi-Lift Jacks 


Off-roaders love hi-lift jacks for a reason. These tools allow you to do field repairs and change tires with ease since they can do two things – lift your vehicle and keep it in place. The safety bar ensures that the car stays lifted at the maximum height, so you can concentrate on doing what you need to do.


Extraction Tool


When it comes to extraction tools, Maxtrax is a handy accessory when you drive off-road. This tool acts as a platform to help you get out of a ditch. While these tools are durable and straightforward to use, they are lightweight, and you place them along with other tools in your truck bed.


Portable Air Compressor


If you have a means for deflating tires, you also need a tool to fill the tires up when you’re heading home. Inflating tires is simple when you have a portable compressor hooked up to your car battery. 


Going off the road brings new adventures and a different set of challenges. Before you go, make sure your rig can handle the terrain –accessories can only assist your vehicle. When setting off for your ride, be sure to do a quick inspection to make sure you don’t require new tires, windshield chip repair, or other services to handle off-roading. If you need assistance when installing off-road accessories, schedule a consultation with Alpine Auto Glass to get in touch with trained professionals to help you with your needs.