Here in North Dakota, we’re used to dealing with inclement weather. Heavy rain, snow, and a variety of other weather patterns can all ravage the community, leaving your vehicle soggy in the process. While meant to keep the moisture out, certain spots within the vehicle are more likely to produce leaks. Drivers who have replaced the windshield in their car since driving it off the lot may be at risk for leaks in the biggest piece of glass on the vehicle. There are numerous problems associated with a leaking windshield, from safety hazards to mold concerns and more. Instead of leaving your vehicle to the mercy of Mother Nature this season, reach out to the experts at Alpine Auto Glass for service instead.

Our team excels in windshield repairs and replacements in Williston, providing drivers across Montana and North Dakota with quality finishes that are sure to keep the weather out mile after mile.

Signs of Windshield Leaks

Oftentimes, small leaks will go unfound for weeks or months. Drivers rarely consider leaks in the vehicle, and problems within the windshield often go unnoticed. If your vehicle is afflicted with this problem, you will likely find at least one of the warning signs, including:

  • Musty, pungent smells – Standing water in an ideal environment can kick off the production of bacteria and mold, creating an unpleasant smell for your car’s inhabitants.
  • Excessively foggy windows – Condensation is normal in Williston this time of year, yet windows that suffer from continual fog may be dealing with water issues.
  • Standing water or wet spots – After rain or snow, you may notice water leaking in. In most cases, drivers find a wet spot somewhere on their interior.
  • Focused rust and corrosion – Water that is allowed to permeate the vehicle’s exterior can begin to oxidize and rust.
  • Whistling sounds when driving – Many drivers notice a faint whooshing sound as they travel down the road.

One or more of these signs can indicate your vehicle’s inability to keep moisture out. In many cases, the cause of the leak can be traced back to the skill of the auto glass specialist who installed the newest windshield. Precise fits are necessary to minimize any risks of leaking. Our top-notch windshield replacements in Williston rely on the best technology and steadiest hands to ensure that you leave our auto shop happy. Doing so will not only make your ride more enjoyable, it will also provide healthful benefits for both you and your ride.

Avoiding Mold Growth

Introducing moisture into your vehicle may lead to a host of mold and mildew problems. Cars and trucks are often warm and do not feature continual air ventilation. When you add water into the mix, you have a dangerous setting for mold growth. This problem may not be as dire as the allergens possibly growing in your home’s HVAC unit, yet it can cause a variety of problems for you and your passengers. Riders who are more sensitive to air contaminants may find themselves sneezing, wheezing, and coughing every time they buckle into your car. Beyond being unhealthy, mold growth can also cause a very unpleasant smell. Instead of dealing with a dangerous vehicle, be sure to reach out to an auto glass replacement company such as Alpine Auto Glass for assistance!

Temperature Changes

Rapid temperature fluctuations can make it necessary for many drivers to seek windshield replacement across Williston, and those with a leaking windshield may be even more at risk. When water freezes, it expands, taking up more space and increasing the likelihood of a chip or crack occuring. If moisture is allowed to build around the perimeter of your windshield, the combining factors could result in a dangerous situation.

Alpine Auto Glass is here to serve as your windshield repair experts, providing chip seals, full windshield replacements, and everything in between. If you suspect your auto glass is leaking, be sure to reach out to our team today!