Vehicle in a tree

Keeping panes free from dirt and damage is a top priority when driving any vehicle. Regular maintenance helps you maintain ideal running conditions, but you also have to check for small cracks and chips on your windshield. 


Your car’s windshield plays a central role in the overall safety and structural stability of your vehicle. Alpine Auto Glass in Williston suggests having your car checked when small cracks appear. Leaving chips alone could cause more substantial damage when you ignore them. 


Before you know it, you may have to replace the whole windshield. Here are some indications that it’s time for a replacement. 


Damage in Driver’s Side


When a crack or chip is on the driver’s side, you may have to replace the windshield instead of repairing it. Car glass repair often leaves marks that could obstruct the driver’s view. So, when damage happens on the driver’s side of the windshield, be prepared to spend money on getting your windshield replaced. 


Several Cracks in Close Proximity


When your car has several cracks located close to each other, repair may no longer be an option. Small cracks tend to connect to further cracks. Temperature changes or another impact on your car can cause minor chips to turn into a significant crack that could obstruct your view while driving. 


Problems Along the Edges


When the damage on your windshield is along the edges, you may have a severe issue. Windshields protect passengers inside from wind, debris, rain, and others; it absorbs some impact and plays a role in proper airbag deployment when an accident happens. Damage along the edges could affect the structural stability of your vehicle, which could put you at risk.   


Legal Issues


Impaired windshields will not only be inconvenient and unsafe for drivers, but law enforcement can also issue a ticket when you’re driving a car with a damaged windshield. Intersecting cracks and damage obstructing the driver’s view and cracks larger than ¾ of an inch. 


When your auto glass shop determines that you need to replace your windshield, they should replace it with the same quality to match the original windshield. Book a free consultation with Alpine Auto Glass in Williston today to learn more about replacing your windshield and address any of your concerns about windshield repair and replacement.