Summertime is still in full force, and if you’re like many drivers across North Dakota, you’re likely ready for a season change. High temperatures and heavy doses of sunshine can be enjoyable, but when it comes to your auto glass, these conditions can increase the likelihood of damage developing. It’s important to take care of your vehicle to keep it clean and safe, and it’s also important to seek out a local auto glass shop for car window repairs when needed.

Alpine Auto Glass is here to serve as your professional source for auto glass repairs and windshield replacements in Williston and the surrounding areas, delivering precise outcomes that our customers love in a professional, effective manner. We have years of experience providing guaranteed results, and our team understands just how to treat a variety of issues.

Today, we’ll highlight a few of the top causes of windshield damage throughout the summer season. If you’re looking for auto glass shops you can trust, be sure to contact us to learn more about our repair and replacement services!


Hail can drop nearly any time of year, and may prove disastrous if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just yesterday, the doppler radar picked up half-dollar-sized hail in the eastern part of the state!

Hail that is minor in size can leave small impacts on the top of your vehicle, and anything larger in diameter may create small chips on the surface of your auto glass. If left unchecked, these chips can begin to worsen and crack over time. If your vehicle was caught in a recent hailstorm, be sure to closely inspect the surface of your auto glass. This process can also be handy for inspecting any errant rocks or gravel that struck your windshield while in transit.

Hot Temperatures

Rapid temperature changes are fairly common in our neck of the woods, and may cause problems for drivers with impaired windshields. Glass expands and contracts depending on its ambient air conditions, meaning that your hot windshield is likely under a lot of pressure. While auto glass is designed to provide durable protection in a variety of conditions, it’s important to keep in mind that rapid temperature changes can make the material more brittle.

If you have any existing chips or cracks on your windshield, heat can create a number of concerns. The act of cooling your vehicle with AC can be enough to elongate cracks or widen chips. Car glass repairs are available, and are much more affordable versus a full replacement, so be sure to contact our auto glass shop if your windshield is damaged!

Intense Sunshine

The one thing that accompanies hot temperatures is sunshine. Unfortunately, the sun’s UV rays have been proven to be harmful on almost every material over time. Your windshield is rated to protect against the harmful rays of the sun for years with no issue, but if a crack or chip is present, these UV rays can infiltrate and break down the integrity of your auto glass.

Another concern with sunshine is the temperature fluctuation associated with different surrounding materials. Metal brackets, for example, can cause the glass around the edges to heat up faster, creating a lot of strain across the middle of the windshield.

Improper Windshield Installations

While this problem does not commonly occur with professional auto glass shops, it does happen. Your chosen professional may replace your windshield with new glass that does not fit correctly, creating a range of concerns. Regardless of the cause, an improper installation can hamper the quality of your car’s glass.

Alpine Auto Glass understands the importance of precision, and will provide top-notch results to keep you and your family safe on the road. Learn more about us and our commitment to quality before calling today!

Damaged Windshield Wipers

Another common problem that leads to windshield replacements at our Williston shop comes from not changing the windshield wipers often enough. Each blade is equipped with a rubber strip to glide along your auto glass and move dirt and moisture away. Over time, this rubber can begin to wear out and break down, exposing the metal beneath. Drivers who neglect to inspect their windshield wipers may begin to see fine lines forming on their glass. If left unattended, this issue can worsen and impact your ability to see the road clearly!

Need Auto Glass Repair or Replacement Services?

Beyond chips and cracks sustained from on-road impacts, a range of other elements may be responsible for causing damage to your vehicle. If you’re looking for professional windshield replacements, window tints, and more, our auto glass shop in Williston is here and ready to help!

Contact us online for an estimate on our services, and be sure to schedule your free consultation with Alpine Auto Glass today for the best results!