Accidents happen. While many drivers rely on their insurance to cover a variety of damages, some motorists are left to cover their own repairs following a vehicular impact of any magnitude. One important aspect of your car to inspect before hitting the road again is the windshield. This primary auto glass serves to provide a clear picture on the road in addition to structural support in the event of a rollover. It’s important to determine if your windshield is ok following an accident, which is where our auto glass pros can help!

Alpine Auto Glass of Williston specializes in windshield repair and replacement services across North Dakota. We have the experience and equipment needed to deliver ideal results for a variety of clients, from private drivers in need of assistance to full company fleets looking for ongoing care.

Today, we’ll highlight a few signs that it’s time to replace your windshield following an accident. If you’re unsure about the condition of your post-impact auto glass, feel free to contact us for complete assistance!

Random Rattling Noises

Following your accident, you may hear some unsettling rattling noises. It’s important to check and see if any of these new sounds are coming from your windshield. Your auto glass is held in place by a seal, which is hidden just outside of view beneath your vehicle’s exterior. This seal holds the windshield in place as well as keeps out any intrusive moisture.

Any rattling sourced from your windshield could be due to a break along this seal. If your glass rattles or you hear the wind blowing in when driving, it’s vital to check and ensure that the seal is in place. One way to achieve complete peace of mind is to visit your local auto glass shop for assistance!

Hazy Edges

It can help to know that modern windshields are treated with a layer of plastic called poly vinyl butyral, or PVB. This invisible layer helps to keep the windshield intact in the event of a shatter, preventing glass shards from harming the vehicle’s inhabitants. This tempering serves to keep everything in place, and may be compromised following an accident.

If you notice a white haze that has suddenly developed around the edges of your windshield, then it may be time to schedule a professional inspection. A sudden impact can cause the plastic to begin separating from the glass, decreasing the effectiveness and safety of your vehicle. Small breaks in the windshield can also create this separation, creating a serious need for windshield replacement if the haziness is widespread.

Worsening Cracks

Following an accident, it can be hard for certain drivers to tell if their auto glass damage is worse than before the collision. It’s important to inspect your windshield to determine if any damages are new or worse than before. The impact and degree of a collision may cause immediate problems, including large cracks and deep chips. These weak points may be left alone 

Even if your windshield does not qualify for a replacement, it can still benefit from chip and crack repairs. Alpine Auto Glass specializes in affordable and effective windshield repair services, and we’ll work with your insurance company to ensure you receive the most assistance for your vehicular needs.


Should You Replace Your Compromised Windshield?

Many people underestimate the value of their auto glass when it comes to replacement services following an accident. Is it necessary to have a fully functioning windshield? The experts at Alpine Auto Glass say yes!

Windshields are essential for three key reasons:

  • Airbag support — Your vehicle’s airbags are designed to move upward and protect your inhabitants’ faces from striking the windshield. If your glass is compromised, the force of a deployed airbag may cause a break and result in a malfunction, putting your riders at risk.
  • Movement prevention — This auto glass is key for keeping incoming debris out of the cab while keeping passengers safely inside. In the event of an extreme impact or rollover, the windshield will help to prevent rider ejection.
  • Rollover support — Your windshield provides more than half of the structural support in your roof in the event of a rollover. A compromised windshield can fail to perform properly and put your cranium in danger.

Damaged windshields may fail to operate properly under these conditions, putting you in unnecessary danger. We’re dedicated to safety, and do not want to intentionally scare customers into visiting our auto glass shop. We will, however, provide honest and direct advice to best care for your vehicle.

The Verdict: Safety is the Top Priority!

Minor damages do not get better, and the issues will only worsen with time. If you’re dealing with a shattered or compromised windshield, it is well worth the cost to invest in a replacement. Quality windshield repairs can help to protect the integrity of your auto glass while also saving you money. Our advice? Seek out professional help!

Need Windshield Repairs or Replacement Services?

If you’re in need of assistance from a professional auto glass shop, then our windshield replacement pros in Williston are here and happy to help. Alpine Auto Glass specializes in auto glass services, including repairs and replacement, window tinting, and more. We strive to provide professional, affordable results to each of our clients across North Dakota and Montana, and will be happy to answer any questions you have about your vehicle’s condition.

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