Comprised of glass on the outsides with a layer of polyvinyl in the middle, your windshield is a sandwich of safety features and convenience to make getting from Point A to Point B (and Point C) easier. Many motorists forget about the value of their front-facing auto glass until a chip or crack appears. You may have noticed the problem worsening, and do not want to deal with the inconvenience of seeking professional windshield repairs. Be careful, as damaged windshields will only worsen with time, and may put you and your passengers at risk.

Alpine Auto Glass in Williston offers windshield replacement and repair services to drivers and fleets in need. Our experienced technicians focus on quality and precision to ensure that you are happy with the results. We offer guaranteed results and will work diligently to restore your vehicle back to perfect form.

If you’re not convinced that an undamaged windshield is a valuable part of motorist safety, keep reading to see just how valuable this auto glass can be in the event of an accident, and be sure to schedule your free consultation!

Routine Protection

As the name entails, a windshield is designed to act as a shield for drivers and passengers from the outside world. Rocks, bugs, debris, rain, wind, and a variety of environmental factors can all impact the safety of your ride, which is why a windshield is mandatory on public roads. This glass is designed to provide a clear view of the road, keep the wind out of your face, and provide additional safety benefits.

Silicon is applied as the bond between your vehicle and the windshield. You’ll benefit from a calm, quiet ride that feels isolated from the chaos of the open road.

Integral Structural Integrity

In the event of an impact, your vehicle is designed to absorb the energy and distribute it in a way that maximizes rider safety. The windshield is designed to absorb some of the shock, which is directly related to the proper deployment of the airbags. In the event of a collision, not having a functioning windshield in place can result in serious risks.

Our auto glass shop in Williston is dedicated to safety, and our team is trained to keep an eye out for any potential hazards. We’ll work with you to create the best approach in maximizing your vehicle safety.

Protection During Rollovers

In addition to providing structural support in the event of an accident, your windshield is also an important component in the event of a rollover crash. Many drivers are surprised to learn that their windshield is an essential part of their overhead protection. The roof and frame of your vehicle is tasked with resisting extreme forces during a rollover. During this event, your windshield can provide up to half of the strength of the roof system!

Damaged auto glass can compromise the integrity of your vehicle safety in the event of a rollover. If you’ve been putting off auto glass repairs, now is the right time to call to schedule an appointment. Feel free to contact us if you wish to learn more!

Airbag Framing

One key safety component of your windshield is its ability to frame your airbags in case of a crash. If the airbags were to deploy and your windshield was not in a condition to absorb the pressure and provide proper framing, then your passenger could be at risk. The seat belt, airbag, and windshield must all work in tandem to provide the safest results. A faulty seat belt may cause you to hit the airbag with too much force. When it comes to your windshield, a full layer of support is needed to properly channel the device and minimize damage to both riders and property.

Trust Our Auto Glass Pros

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