The components on your vehicle serve to keep both you and your machine safe while on the road. Your windshield wipers, for example, provide the essential task of clearing away moisture and dirt from your field of vision while driving, providing serious advantages when the weather turns south. North Dakota drivers know the value of having a clear field of vision when commuting through the worst weather, and many turn to Alpine Auto Glass for expert assistance.

For years, we’ve worked to provide the best auto glass repairs and windshield replacements to Williston drivers, delivering expertise and precision to ensure you leave our shop with the best results. One problem we see here often enough is damages resulting from windshield wiper blades. These components serve to keep your vehicle safe, yet old, worn-out equipment can quickly put your car’s windshield in danger! If you have noticed damages from your wipers, be sure to reach out to our team to schedule your consultation!

How Did This Happen?

Windshield wiper blades are designed to keep your glass clean and clear while you drive. While this process serves to protect you and your vehicle, over time, the rubber of your blade can begin to wear out. Repeated use in conjunction with gritty elements like sand or mag chloride may result in rapid breakdown, leaving some part of your wiper blade’s metal open to connect with the glass.

In inclement weather, many drivers to do not notice the fine, subtle lines appearing before their very eyes. Turning on your worn-out blades will run the metal over your glass surface, causing immediate damages. Many drivers find the damages after everything dries out, while others notice immediate screeching sounds and scratch marks.

The Signs of Wiper Scratches

Unfortunately, this problem will only get much worse if left unattended. You may have a number of marks on your windshield and are unsure whether or not the damage is caused by your wiper blades. If you notice any of the damages below, we recommend seeking out car glass repair services to ensure that your auto glass is still up to speed!

  • Grinding or scratching sounds while blades are in use
  • Concentrations of water droplets after the blade passes by
  • Spots or flecks that twinkle when exposed to light
  • Excessive wiper streaking
  • Worn rubber or exposed metal on the wiper blade

The Dangers of Wiper Scratches

Driving with heavy scratches on your windshield can be dangerous. Many North Dakota drivers will continue their lives with impacted auto glass, putting themselves and everyone on the road at risk. You may notice strange reflections of light, as damaged glass can distort the field of view. Random reflections, especially at night, can prove dangerous for drivers. Uneven cleaning, excessive streaks, and other distractions can all become hazardous. If left unchecked, your windshield may fall victim to contraction and expansion from temperatures, leading to auto glass replacement services.

Alpine Auto Glass is here to serve as your trusted experts in the north, delivering quality services such as windshield replacements for Williston drivers. If you have noticed damages from your wipers, be sure to reach out to our repair team for an expert consultation!