We all love having a clean, clear field of vision when it comes to operating an automobile, and we have the auto glass to thank for this. However, if your car or truck’s windshield is ailing from chips, cracks, or otherwise unsafe conditions, you may have more stress than you can handle. Drivers across North Dakota have to endure a variety of road dangers throughout the year, but one factor that many people do not consider is their own driving habits.

Today, we’ll discuss risks of improper driving habits, as well as the value of focusing on auto glass safety while behind the wheel. If you’re on this post because you’re in need of a windshield replacement or repairs in the Williston area, Alpine Auto Glass is here and ready to help!

Keep reading to learn how improper driving habits can increase the chances of danger for your windshield, and be sure to contact us when you’re ready to schedule your consultation!

Following Too Closely

Road debris is the most common source for windshield damage while on the road. Unfortunately, there is not much we as drivers can do to prevent airborne projectiles from damaging vehicles. Your best bet in traffic is to give the vehicle in front of you enough space. Doing so will give you enough time to look out for incoming dangers, as well as reduce the force of debris expelled from the moving tires of the car in front of you. Following too closely can make it hard to avoid any unexpected impacts!

One easy way to reduce the likelihood of sustaining windshield damage on the road is to give the vehicle in front of you at least three seconds worth of space. If you’re unsure how to gauge the time of your spacing versus your speed and distance, here is a quick guide to help:

  1. Select your fixed point — Find some fixed landmark in front of the car in front of you to get started. This can consist of a road sign, bus stop, bench, or any other immobile object.
  2. Start counting as the front car passes — As soon as the vehicle in front of you passes your selected point, begin to count the number of seconds.
  3. Stop counting as you pass — Continue to count until you pass your selected landmark. If the time elapsed was less than three full seconds, you’re likely following too closely.

Also keep in mind that larger haul trucks with warning signs should be given extra spacing. If a sign tells you to stay back 200 feet, we recommend doing so!

Not Paying Close Attention

Many drivers are guilty of distracted driving, especially with the prevalence of cell phones. It’s important to pay close attention to the road and any conditions which can compromise your safety. When it comes to your windshield, smooth and steady is the best way to proceed. Some drivers learn the error of their ways when disregarding safety signs along the road, including concerns of loose rocks and gravel upon the roadway. Others may be less fortunate and end up in a collision.

If your windshield does currently hold a number of chips, it’s important to drive as smoothly as possible to avoid worsening the problem. Distracted drivers are much more likely to hit potholes, which can generate some serious force on your auto glass’ weakened surfaces. Minor cracks and chips have been known to grow into costly windshield replacements, so be sure you’re keeping your eye on the road!

Driving Faster Than Allowed

Some drivers love to race from Point A to Point B, which beyond the dangers associated with speeding, shouldn’t bear much of a concern for the health of the vehicle. Impacts from small pieces of debris are not likely to cause damage to the front of your windshield, but keep in mind that increased speed results in increased force. It’s no secret that increased speed results in increased impact force, but bear in mind that any debris you encounter at 90 miles per hour will certainly be more disruptive than colliding with that material at 45 miles per hour!

Similarly to potholes, we recommend taking it easy on speed bumps. Launching over a road bump (especially in unseasonably hot or cold temperatures) may cause your cracks to worsen, necessitating a visit to our auto glass shop.

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