Fleet of Vans

When operating a fleet, you need to make sure all vehicles are road-ready. Routine maintenance, regular inspections, and making certain windshields are in optimal condition before every drive helps you avoid problems that could compromise safety and disrupt your business. 


When you find issues with a vehicle, you have to address them right away. But rather than having vehicles repaired separately, Alpine Auto Glass in Williston suggests fleet service for windshield chip repair and other auto glass needs.


Mobile Service


Booking a schedule for individual vehicles with an auto glass shop can be inconvenient. In some cases, it may also affect your business operations. 


Fleet services can solve this problem.


Rather than going to the shop one vehicle at a time, a company can send a mobile service crew. A team carrying all the tools required will come to your business premises to outfit the fleet and complete the job quickly to avoid delays for your team. 


Access to Several Services


Fleet service provides more than windshield repair. Sometimes, repairs could no longer remedy windshield issues and require complete replacement. Auto glass services for your fleet include repairs, replacement, and even adding clear bras to protect the vehicle. Working with one provider for all these needs saves time and helps you get your fleet back on the road. 


Lower Costs 


When hiring one auto glass shop for your fleet, you could get more affordable rates compared to repairing one vehicle at a time. Having professionals inspect vehicles also helps you do preemptive maintenance to avoid more significant issues. Hiring a company as a business allows you to negotiate a mutually convenient schedule that will not delay business operations. 


Warranty Coverage


Even after getting your windshield repaired or replaced, defects could appear. Fleet services often provide warranty coverage. If there are any issues with the service or the new windshield, you can call the auto glass shop and request repairs for leaks or defects at no added cost. 


Operating and maintaining a fleet costs money. When it comes to car window repair and auto glass replacement, consider fleet services for your vehicles. In Williston, schedule a consultation with Alpine Auto Glass to discuss how your business can use fleet services to access high-quality but affordable windshield repairs and replacement.