Your car’s windshield undergoes a lot of wear and tear throughout the course of any given year. Beyond chips and cracks borne from impacts, many windshields are plagued by the sticky residue left behind by stickers and decals. If you’ve tried to remove an old sticker only to be left with a tacky smudge that damages the aesthetic of your windshield, it pays to deploy some DIY strategies in order to care for your auto glass.

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Removing Decals and Stickers

When the time comes to lift that sticky material from your auto glass, one thing will become apparent — it was designed to stay. Follow our instructions below for fast results that will clear your view for the road ahead (or better stickers!).

1 – Pull Off as Much as Possible With Your Hands

Before going hard with one of the removal agents listed below, it’s important to peel off as much of the decal as possible. This minimizes your future efforts and will also save you from making a bigger mess.

2 – Apply a Removal Product

Once your sticker has been removed to the best of your fingers’ ability, it is time to deploy any one of a number of agents. While we list a few of our favorites below, keep in mind that some products may not be safe for the glass or finish of your vehicle. Be sure to test out any of the goo removal agents below, or do your research online for a quality outcome!

  • Goo Gone — A common and effective product. Simply follow the instructions for safe, non-toxic sticker removal.
  • Hot water and soap — A few applications of this simple mixture can provide a safe way to break apart stubborn glue products. For truly sticky spots, be sure to saturate the area and use a scraper to get the job done.
  • WD-40 — This lubricating agent can easily remove the adhesives on your windshield. Apply some spray to the area in need, wait a couple of minutes, then lift it with a wet cloth.
  • Windex — This glass cleaner works to remove grime, grease, and other stains in your home. Apply a small amount to the affected area and wait before wiping away.
  • Rubbing alcohol — This mixture works to effectively dissolve the glue on your auto glass, resulting in an uninterrupted shine.

3 – Buff the Area

Once the sticky spot has been effectively ousted, be sure to go over the area again with a clean cloth and your selected cleaning agent to ensure that no residue is left behind. After this has been completed, a quick buffing will help to polish the area.

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