The time has finally come for you to replace your damaged auto glass. Windshield replacements are few and far between for most drivers, but sooner or later, professional auto glass services may be necessary to provide a clear, safe result. 

If you’re looking for quality windshield replacements in Williston or the surrounding areas, Alpine Auto Glass is here to serve! Our local auto glass shop has the equipment and experience to provide a range of services to private and commercial drivers, relying on our proven process to generate complete peace of mind.

We work hard to generate the highest quality for our customers, and will never leave you with any of the three problems mentioned below. Today, we’ll highlight the signs of a low-quality windshield replacement. Keep reading to learn more, and be sure to schedule your free consultation when you’re ready to get started!

Check for Leaks

One of the most vital aspects of the windshield is its ability to keep moisture out of the cab. An improper installation poses the risk of leaks forming along the edges of your windshield. You will likely notice this issue once the precipitation begins to fall across North Dakota, but if there isn’t a downpour in the forecast, it may fall on you to perform your own test.

There are multiple ways to check for leaks along your auto glass, with many people choosing to deploy a garden hose to look for simple leaks. Spray your windshield with water and check along the edges (especially the bottom corners) for any signs of moisture. Even if the leak is very minor, it’s a clear sign that your auto glass was not installed correctly.

Keep an Ear Out for Whistling Sounds

One sign of concern may become more obvious once you get on the highway. If you hear a whistling or whooshing noise at high speeds, then a poor installation job is likely to blame.  Oftentimes, This noise can range from a quiet whisper to a distracting roar, based on how the auto glass was installed.

If you have noticed a new noise after your windshield replacement, be sure to go for a test drive to determine if it is due to a low-quality installation. Take your car or truck for a drive with the radio off and all of the windows rolled up. The silence should make it easy to find any sounds associated with your new auto glass! Problems can also arise when the glass is not flush with the vehicle’s frame. If you’ve noticed a poor fit along the edges of your windshield, it’s important to contact a professional for a proper fit!

Don’t Ignore Rattling Noises, Either!

While whistling sounds can be a major annoyance, rattling noises can prove to be even more troublesome. Do you hear shaking sounds when you go over a bump? This could be a sign of a loose windshield in your frame, and should be brought in immediately to be inspected by a professional!

A loose windshield is a telltale sign of improper windshield replacement. This scenario puts you and other passengers in danger, as your auto glass will be unable to provide the proper support in the event of an accident or rollover.

Inspect the Windshield’s Clarity

One aspect of auto glass replacement many drivers don’t consider is the quality of their new windshield. Upon inspection, your new auto glass should be smooth and clear. If you notice that your windshield looks wavy, bumpy, or blurry, then you are likely driving around with low-quality glass. Auto glass shops have been known to save money by opting for less expensive materials, and the difference shows in the quality of the finish. It always pays to ask your chosen shop if they rely on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products to ensure that you’re leaving with the right glass for the job. Your auto glass technician may have provided a professional installation, but if your windshield replacement is low in quality, then you may be even worse off!

Rely on Alpine Auto Glass

Car window repairs and windshield replacements are not needed often, but when the time comes to replace your auto glass, it pays to go with a company known for quality! Alpine Auto Glass of Williston specializes in windshield replacement and repair services for private vehicles and company fleets. We only use the best-quality materials and training practices to maximize the quality of your install.

Is it time for you to replace your auto glass, or are you dealing with the consequences of a low-quality install? Our team is here and ready to help! We can schedule a time for you to come to our shop in Williston for windshield replacement services, or you can benefit from our mobile services. Ready to get started? Browse our site to learn more, and be sure to contact us if you have questions!