VW Bug with tinted windows

The sun makes some rooms too hot to use in the daytime and causes damage to your hardwood floors and furniture. To keep the heat and glare out, many homeowners use curtains, blinds, and other coverings. While these methods can be effective, there is a more energy-efficient option—home window tints. Tinting pros at Alpine Auto Glass details various benefits of residential window tints like the following. 


UV Protection


Even when you’re indoors, you can still get exposed to UV rays when you’re staying close to a window where sunlight shines through. Window tints keep harmful UV rays out of your home to reduce damage to not only your skin but also to other items in your home that are prone to fading.


Aesthetic Value


Home window tints can improve the appearance of your property when installed correctly. Most tints are scratch and water-resistant, which makes window films easier to clean. Films are also easy to remove and install and it doesn’t require a lot of work or cause damage to your windows. 


Safety Improvement


Home window tints can hold broken glass together, so glass shards will not fly all over the place when the glass shatters. This feature makes it harder for burglars to enter your home. Your family could also avoid injury from shattered glass due to severe storms or baseball accidents. Tints also limit the view of your home, so you have more privacy. 


Energy Savings 


Cutting energy costs is the main reason why many people opt for home window tints. Cooling and heating devices use too much electricity, and during hot days, you can expect to see electricity consumption rise. 


Tints reduce your electricity bills by keeping rooms cool by blocking the heat from entering your home. When your home’s interior is cooler, your AC will not be working too hard, and your electricity costs decrease. 


Residential window tinting provides many benefits to homeowners. Investing in the correct tints could help you preserve property value. The cost of window tinting could vary. If you’re in Williston, North Dakota, you can schedule a free consultation with Alpine Auto Glass to find out everything you need about home window tints.