Looking down on black car with tinted windows

Commercial window tints look sleek and appealing in office buildings. Aesthetics aside, finding a company specializing in window tinting like Alpine Auto Glass is a practical option for many businesses. By adding a tinted film over existing glass windows, you can give your office space a new look while enjoying these benefits.


Blocks Off UV Rays


Aside from skin damage, UV rays can also damage your building’s interior. UV rays can cause fading and discoloration. Some materials can also deteriorate when exposed to sunlight. If you have the equipment or delicate material which should not come in contact with UV rays, installing window tints could be helpful.  


Lowers Lighting Costs


When you have tinted windows, you won’t have to worry about the sun’s glare even if you allow natural light into your building and turn off light fixtures in the daytime. Allowing natural light into office space can reduce eye strain, improve productivity, and reduce mistakes at work. 


Decreases Energy Bills 


Reducing electricity costs for a business could have sizable benefits on your bottom line. Your windows are responsible for up to 30% of your building’s energy loss because your HVAC systems work harder to keep the room cooler or warmer. With commercial window tints, your HVAC will not be working as hard. Window tints keep heat out of your home on hot days and block heat from leaving your home in winter.  


Protects Proprietary Information


Tinted windows in the workplace provide employees with greater privacy while giving them a view of the outside world. Tints can work as a one-way mirror so employees can see outside, but someone from outside can’t peep on sensitive information displayed on their screens. With window tints, thieves and burglars can’t determine the layout of your office building. 


Commercial window tints offer many advantages to business owners. Aside from reducing energy and lighting costs, you can replace tinted films quickly. If the film gets vandalized or becomes damaged, you would only have to replace the film, not the whole window. 


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