Today, more and more drivers across North Dakota and Montana are investing in the value and comfort provided by professional window tints. Many locals have decided on DIY auto window tinting to save money, but in many cases, this method results in reduced quality after years of use. If you have noticed any deterioration of your window tinting, it’s important to take steps to preserve your finish and hard work. After seasons of heavy sun exposure, rapid temperature changes, and continual interactions with moisture, many films begin to break down and fall apart. It may be time for you to replace that old tint!

Alpine Auto Glass is here to provide top-notch window tints to Williston and the surrounding areas. Our experienced team specializes in home and car window tints, delivering professional fits that are designed to provide a lifetime of quality. We are happy to service vehicles of all types and conditions, and we will work to provide the most cost-effective solutions for your car or truck.

If you have noticed that your car tints are looking worse for the wear, then it may be time to consider full replacement services. Today, we’ll highlight the top three signs it’s time to seek out new window tinting for your ride. Be sure to contact us to schedule your appointment if your vehicle is exhibiting any of these symptoms!

1 – Scratches, Scrapes, and Gouges

Daily wear and tear happens, and over the years, your window tinting will likely receive a number of scrapes and scratches. Minor damages often result in nothing more than aesthetic concerns, but larger gouges can expand and impact the quality seal between your window tint and your auto glass. Items such as skis, bicycles, large boxes, and a variety of other accessories can all lead to fast degradation of your window’s appearance, making it vital to take special care to protect the tint and glass itself. Some drivers we assist also complain of scrapes occurring from the simple process of rolling their windows up and down!

Alpine Auto Glass provides complete solutions for your window tints in Williston, and we will work hard to offer repairs when possible. If a replacement is needed, our team will be able to deliver long-lasting results that will improve the look of your ride in addition to the comfort of your riders.

2 – Air Pockets, Bubbles, and Bulges

One of the biggest drawbacks of DIY window tints is the lack of precision during installation. Even the most minor contaminants can result in an uneven finish, resulting in small pockets of air. In many cases, these bubbles can develop over time. It can help to think of car tints like the screen protector on your cell phone: Even one speck of dust can impact the surrounding area, creating unsightly air pockets that are impossible to remedy without re-doing the installation process.

Unfortunately, these signs of damage are often impossible to remedy. If you have noticed bubbles, air pockets, or bulges impacting the smooth finish of your window tints, be sure to reach out to Alpine Auto Glass to see how fast and effective our services can be!

3 – Peeling and Fading

Auto window tints of all types will begin to wear and out over time and become brittle. Inferior products often rely on cheaper adhesives to keep the film secured against the glass, resulting in problems such as peeling and curling. You may notice the edges of your window film drying up and peeling on the edges and corners. When this occurs, many drivers complain of an unsightly appearance as well as unwanted sounds when rolling windows up and down. Once your tint begins to peel, a full replacement will be the only viable option.

Fading can also be an issue, as the effectiveness of your car tint can be worn down by the powerful effects of the sun. Instead of dealing with ineffective window tints that do little to protect your privacy or keep your vehicle comfortable, it pays to seek out replacement services from a reputable auto glass company. The color of your tint will also be indicative of the quality of the entire system. High-quality tints come in a variety of shades and darknesses, and any discoloration can show that excessive sun damage has occurred.

The Alpine Auto Difference

No matter the problem, Alpine Auto Glass is here and ready to assist drivers across North Dakota. Our professional team is here to deliver top-quality windshield repairs and replacements, as well as window tints for drivers in Williston and beyond. Our company is family owned and operated, and relies on the highest level of quality and professionalism to deliver the best results for private drivers as well as commercial fleets. Your complete satisfaction is our guarantee, and our auto glass company will work diligently to deliver the best fit for every vehicle.

If now is the time to replace your aging auto window tint, or you want to improve the privacy and comfort of your ride with a new film, then reach out to our team to learn about our professional approach. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our window tints, and we are happy to schedule a consultation to provide you with complete peace of mind before beginning any work. To learn more about our Top Rated Local® window tinting services, be sure to contact us online or call us at (701) 864-3030 today!