We provide the ultimate in vehicle protection. Install a clear bra to protect your investment.

Alpine Auto Glass in Williston, ND is dedicated to providing you with paint protection film solutions that are at the highest level in the industry. We strive to provide our clients with the highest degree of service, focusing on personalized solutions such as our installations of clear masks. We strive to hire each and every installer carefully, making sure they will install meet our high standards and give you the best quality car bra install possible. We stand behind every install 100 percent and guarantee an ideal fitment and appearance. The final result is sure to please you and meet your expectations of quality.

Alpine Auto Glass’ process of paint protection is the most unique in the car bra industry, tailoring our specialized skills to the majority of the market. Our designs and patterns are completely exclusive to the industry. Each design is created precisely to fit your car with maximum coverage and careful attention to detail. Each car has a standard fitment of kits. Most people are content with the coverage and its cost-effectiveness. Others may choose to do a complete custom application for their particular vehicle. Each custom application is carefully discussed with you in understanding how much or how little coverage you want in each area of the vehicle.

We choose the best film, in our experience, for each application and choose to use 3M and Venture. Both window films have excellent warranties and are both covered under our protection paint film (PPF) installation guarantee. We are constantly researching and testing with any new films on the market to make sure we understand the market of paint protection film and provide each customer with the best product available.

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