You care about your car. While most drivers are focused on improving their vehicles or updating them for a bevy of activities, you’re more focused on retaining your car’s beauty and integrity. This winter, it can help to find the right protection to keep your vehicle safe from the hazards of the road. As your windshield can tell you, impacts from debris and other material can happen at any time!

When it comes to achieving peace of mind on the open road across North Dakota, it pays to invest in a clear bra from our Williston professionals! Alpine Auto Glass specializes in windshield repairs and replacements, but our team can also install protective paint films to match every consumer’s need. We offer a full range of quality services, and back all of our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

Keep reading to catch up on six benefits of installing a clear bra on your car this winter, and be sure to schedule your free consultation to see how affordable our paint protection services can be!

1. Versatile Applications

Many drivers visit our auto glass shop in Williston because they want to keep their vehicle safe from harm. If you’re worried that our protective paint films will not fit your vehicle, then it can help to know that our clear bra services can be applied to a wide range of surfaces. We can personalize the fit for your car, truck, SUV, RV, ATV, or other vehicle. Our product is simple to install on bumpers, hoods, fenders, headlights, and more, and we’re confident that we can customize the results to perfectly meet your needs.

2. Minimized Maintenance

Once our clear bra pros have finished with your installation, you can leave our shop with confidence. That’s because your new clear liner will be ready for the road, providing long-term protection without the need for ukeep. Dirt, moisture, and more will be kept out, allowing the front of your vehicle to retain its shine for longer. If you notice any dirt or grime building up on your paint protection film, you can simply mix water and soap for a sparkling finish!

When it comes to taking on snowy roads, many drivers are aware of the wear and tear that can add up if steps aren’t taken to clean away the accumulating mag chloride. A clear bra keeps the front of your vehicle safe from corrosion, and it can be cleaned easily for even more peace of mind!

3. High-Quality Protection

The true value of a clear bra is its ability to protect the finish of your vehicle without obstructing its beauty. When you hit the road this winter, it’s important to keep in mind that loose gravel, road salts, projecticles from the vehicle in front of you, and a bevy of other hazards can all wear down the protective finish of your vehicle. This paint protection film was originally designed for military use, and today serves to help drivers across the country keep their vehicle surfaces safe!

Any damage intended for your car will be absorbed by the protective film, allowing you to affordably replace your clear bra when needed.

4. Simple Removal

If, for some reason your clear bra is damaged and must be replaced, then you can simply remove the film. Applying heat to the surface will begin to loosen up the adhesive and allow you (or your professional auto glass shop) to peel the layer back and reveal a clean, spotless finish beneath. This level of protection and simplicity preserves your car’s aesthetics and retains its value for longer.

5. Long-Lasting Appearances

A professionally installed clear bra will protect your ride for years. More importantly, it will help to keep minor damages and major dents at bay. Over time, this protection can add up for daily drivers, preventing much of the damage and corrosion commonly associated with normal wear and tear. Best of all, this film will deliver complete protection without hampering the appearance of your car. Those who opt for showy vehicles or classic cars will be happy to make a cost-effective investment to keep their vehicles safe on the road.

While everyone knows the value of a clear bra, many motorists are happy to learn that different colors are available. If you wish to customize the look of your vehicle, then be sure to speak with your paint protection pros for possible options!

6. Enhanced Vehicle Value

When you schedule your car paint protection film installation from Alpine Auto Glass, you can expect to improve and retain the value of your vehicle as a result. Clear bras work wonders to keep vehicles looking like-new after miles of use. The cost of a clear bra is almost always outweighed by the long-term protection and value provided. Those who plan on selling their cars can benefit from a clean, scratch-free finish. Less damage equates to less repairs and higher value, so be sure to consider the effectiveness of a paint protection film before visiting our shop!

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