What kind of auto glass services do you offer?

Beyond quality windshield repairs and replacement, our team can also find and install the right piece for every window on your vehicle. We can provide services for your sunroof, side glass, rear glass, mirrors, and any flat glass present. Alpine Auto Glass offers solutions that provide long-lasting results, whether you’re dealing with major windshield damages or looking to stop a leak.

Our team also provides clear bra installations for cars, commercial and residential window tints, and more!

Can you fix my windshield damages?

Yes! Alpine Auto Glass specializes in windshield repairs to stop chips and cracks in their tracks. The size of the damage and its location will play a major role in determining the efficacy of repairs. If any chips are sourced along the driver’s line of sight, a replacement may be necessary.

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How big of a rock chip can you fix on my windshield?

It’s important to remember that every chip is different; the size of the chip and direction of its travel will ultimately determine how effective windshield repairs will be. Our technicians can provide chip repairs in most cases for damages up to the size of a silver dollar. The best way to see if your damage is repairable is to take it into our auto glass shop today! If the chip worsens or begins to crack, it may be time for a new windshield.

Does my windshield replacement come with a warranty?

Yes. Any windshields from Alpine Auto Glass come with a lifetime warranty that covers any leaks or defects in materials or workmanship. You can rest assured you are leaving our auto glass shop with the best results and best coverage.

How long will my windshield services take?

In most cases, our technicians can work to deliver precise outcomes with little wait. Our chip repairs normally take 30 minutes or less, while a full windshield replacement can be completed in under an hour. Alpine Auto’s glass repair services will rely on cleaning the damaged area and treating it with specialized tools and resinous materials.

Keep in mind that every vehicle is different, and your auto glass services may be completed in more or less time.

Do I need to worry about my rear-view mirror?

No. If your mirror is attached to your existing windshield, our technicians will remove the rear-view mirror and attach it to your new auto glass.

Will it cost me anything to order your mobile auto glass service?

No! Customers hoping to benefit from the convenience of our Williston mobile windshield services can expect the same level of professionalism and quality without a service fee. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to schedule your appointment!

Can you make my windshield chips or cracks invisible after repairs?

No. While windshield repairs can provide a serious improvement to damaged area, it’s important to remember that a slight blemish will still be present. Our technicians focus on the safety and functionality of your auto glass, but they will also work hard to beautify the surface and restore your vehicle. In most cases, drivers barely notice where the damage was located!

How soon can I wash my vehicle after getting the windshield replaced?

Many North Dakota drivers are excited about their new auto glass and plan on washing their vehicle as soon as possible. Alpine Auto Glass recommends waiting 24 hours, both to allow time for the urethane adhesive to cure and to prevent any pressurization issues. Be sure to speak with your windshield technician about any special instructions included with your replacement, including driveway times and precautionary instructions.

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